WHY crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a model of funding a project, venture or campaign by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

Why Crowdfunding and Why Does It Work?

Crowdfunding is not a fad that will quickly fizzle out in time. Businesses have always needed financing, and instead of talking to big financial institutions, small business owners now have the opportunity to pitch to small investors.

Here are some reasons why participating on the FundRevo crowdfunding platform
is an exciting prospect for many:

Accessibility – Putting up to $100k to fund a business? Not everyone can. Today, crowdfunding allows anyone to invest and reap the benefits of supporting growing businesses with amounts as low as $500 on our platform.

Shorter Tenure – Have some spare cash which you would like to see higher returns on but unwilling to commit beyond six months to a year? FundRevo offers you both the opportunity and the solution.

Easy to Understand – All businesses need financing and like all financing, there is always cost of funds. How Fundrevo generate returns for our funders is through making profits by fulfilling the financing needs of businesses. You get to be part of this funding campaign and get to share in the returns. That's all there is to it.

Lowered Risk – At FundRevo you get monthly repayments which include a portion of your principal + returns. Therefore, crowdfunding participants see better cashflow as compared to traditional investments.

Diversification – Why keep all your eggs in one basket?? Crowdfunding can be considered, perhaps, as another income generating portion of your existing investment portfolio!

Tangible Returns – Yes, you can get tangible rewards on the money that you fund together with us. We are a for-profit business, and we want you to profit as well! Whichever campaign you fund, FundRevo is in it with you!