FundRevo employs a proprietary credit risk methodology to assess businesses and their risk profile. A unique FundRevo Score is derived based on our due diligence process which comprises of:

Due Diligence Checks

Applicants undergo thorough checks to ensure the loan is to be used for genuine business purposes. Our due diligence process helps us know our clients better to make safer and more informed decisions.

We identify promising customers to reduce uncertainty and risks.

Outstanding Obligations

Our credit risk process takes a comprehensive look at the short to medium term obligations of a business. This includes a check on any pending legal status involving the business or related parties.

Liquidity Strength

Businesses are assessed for the strength of their liquid assets and holdings. These assets can be quickly converted to cash or cash equivalents at short notice with little or no loss in value. This improves the probability for creditors to recover any debt in the unfortunate event of a default.

Capital Adequacy

We measure a business's capital position as a function of its assets and outstanding liabilities. This determines the capacity of a business to meet its short term obligations to vendors or other suppliers.

Future Cash Flows

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. We take into account future cash flows from ongoing business or receivables when determining the overall risk profile of a business. Our platform addresses the funding gap between incoming funds for businesses.


Good Returns, Short to Medium Term Horizons

Beat inflation by making your money work harder for you. Fund local businesses who require support in the short to medium term. Get returns up to 1% per month or about 12% per year!

Pre-Funded, Sharing Opportunities

FundRevo screens for genuine business cases out of the numerous requests we receive. All Business Cases have been guaranteed the full amount of funds requested upon listing by our Funding Partners.

Low Risk, Enhanced Returns.

Fund from as little as S$500 per lot and receive returns of up to 12% per year. Receive fixed monthly repayments regardless of whether a Business meets their regular commitments.

Proven Risk Assessment Model

We leverage on the Risk Assessment Methodology of our Funding Partners to handpick businesses with the best prospects.

Capital Protection. Guaranteed.

Your funded campaign is protected even if the business misses a payment. Our unique arrangement with our Funding Partners mean that Funders are off the hook in the event of a default.

We Got You Covered.

All our business campaigns are fully backed up. Any loss due to default is borne by FundRevo's Funding Partners.